The internet is beautiful because it remains undefined. Most channels of communication are confined to certain constructed characteristics: because of this, you know exactly what to expect when you pick up a newspaper or turn on the television. The internet stands in striking singularity, still in a glorious, flexible state of unruliness. This project is how I choose to use the internet, and as such, it bears my name.

Its subtitle, “a work in progress”, reflects the three main elements of the project:

  1. The skeleton (or, the website), which demonstrates my ability to design and to program.
  2. The flesh (or, the content), which demonstrates my ability to parse, integrate, and communicate new information.
  3. The consciousness (or, the message), which demonstrates the ongoing development of my own ideas and mindset.

The website itself is a place to apply new programming and design skills. Instead of relying upon a pre-packaged platform such as Wordpress, I personally wrote each line of code for this project. As I develop these abilities, the website will also grow more elegant and robust.

When it comes to information, it is better to be a running stream than a stagnant pool. Reading and listening and exploring and learning amount to nothing more than selfishness if one does not use that knowledge to serve others. Recording, analyzing, and reflecting upon new data are crucial parts of this process.

“These are words worth sharing with the world.”

Through ongoing study and contemplation, my message will begin to emerge: the concepts and ideas that adhere to the fibers of my consciousness. They pounce at me from between the lines of ancient books and fill my thoughts when I should hear nothing but silence. These are ideas worth pondering; the ones that survive being pounded into shape (and emerge even stronger). These are words worth sharing with the world.

In conclusion, here are five specific goals for this project:

  1. Develop technical skills in programming and design.
  2. Learn to communicate effectively through the written word.
  3. Identify and develop key thoughts and ideas from my studies.
  4. Create community and engage in meaningful conversations.
  5. Cultivate a spirit of curiosity and wonder toward the world and inspire others to do the same.

Thank you for visiting. If you would be so kind, please send an email to robert@kanyur.com. I would be thrilled to hear from you.

March 2014